201. Because the 155th is a multi-county, general jurisdiction court, settings can only be arranged within specified time windows.

202. A calendar is published before each calendar year. The calendar designates time set aside for each county.

203. All settings are to be initiated by contacting the court's coordinator. The coordinator will set all matters. (Because of time and personnel limitations, the court asks that inquiries about criminal settings in Austin and Fayette Counties be routed through the respective county's district attorney's office.)

204. The parties are required to confer before requesting a trial setting. The conference should result in agreements reached re:

204.01 Trial dates to be requested

204.02 Scheduling orders

205. Scheduling Orders agreed upon by all parties will be summarily approved.

206. The Court will enter a Scheduling Order upon failure of the parties to agree.

207. No hearing on special exceptions will be set unless application for same is accompanied by a Certificate of Conference. The certificate shall be signed by all pertinent attorneys. The statement shall verify good faith effort of attorneys to resolve prior to court interference.

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