801. Trial notebook for Court in Jury Trials is to be delivered to the Court the day of and before jury selection begins. Please, include the following:

801.01 Cover page:

801.011 Complete name, address, phone number of your client

801.012 If your client is a corporation, business, etc. that has a "complicated" name, suggest a "shortened" nickname that can be used throughout the trial.

801.013 Complete name, address, firm name, phone number, of all attorneys on your side.

801.02 Cause(s) of action page:

801.021 Identify each cause.

801.022 Give in 20 words, or less, an outline of facts you intend to prove to support each cause.

801.03 Complete proposed charge:

801.031 Present all proposed questions, definitions, instructions in a form that allows indication of Court's ruling.

801.032 Key each to the specific cause of action.

801.04 Live pleadings.

801.05 Exhibits list (in "check off" form).

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